Ramsnehi Hospital and Research Center

Hospital - An Introduction

In the past years due to the blind race to become professional, although there has been an unprecedented increase in medical facilities in Bhilwara, standard medical treatment for the common man has remained a daydream. In the same way, the Ramsnehi Hospital, which was inaugurated by the present Peetadhishwar Jagadguru Anant Sri Vibhushit Acharya Swamiji Shri 1008 Shri Ram Dayal Ji Maharaj of the International Ramsnehi Community, on 25 April 2000 by his own staff, resolved to provide the best treatment to the proletariat at very reasonable rates. It was embodied, still remains the only support for the poor and helpless patients Is. The hospital has received several awards and honors from the state government for its continuous participation in the family welfare program for 5 years and continued its active participation at the state level. Recently, the hospital was awarded a certificate by the Sixth Certification Organization, which certifies for quality at the national level. There are few such hospitals all over India, which meet the standards set by the Sixth Sixth, so it is a matter of pride for the Ramsnehi Hospital.

Complicated operations are being done successfully in the astrological department here, even the most complex operations of knee and ax implants are very common. Recently, after regular posting of neuro and maxillofacial surgeon in the hospital, the hospital has gained a lot of reputation as a good trauma center. In addition to the above, in addition to the Central Monitoring Neuro ICU, Medical ICU, and Neonatal ICU in the hospital, Digital X-ray, Sonography 2 and 4D Color Doppler, CTScan (with CT Angio facility) MRI, TM Due to the availability of perimeter, etc. for the treatment of ST, Echo cardiography, Kalapani (Glaucoma), diseases are diagnosed properly.

It is also worth mentioning here that Ramsnehi Hospital has not been behind in serving even in natural calamities, irrespective of the areas affected by high rainfall, arson incident, the medical team of Ramsnehi Hospital has always reached the distant area and has done quick service. Not only this, the hospital keeps free camps from time to time where medicines are also provided at subsidized rates and free of cost. With the aim of always providing efficient staff in the care of the patients, with the blessings of Maharaj Shri, Ramsnehi College of Nursing and Ramsnehi School of Nursing, BSC Nursing, GNM since 2008. And past BSC courses are being conducted. On the Republic Day 2017, by the Chief Health and Medical Officer, on behalf of the Medical Department and in the District Level Celebration of Independence Day, the District Collector was conferred the District Level Award for the best work in the Public Utility Bhamashah Health Insurance Scheme of the State Government.